I don't remember what this one was about :)

It's 9pm Monday, the phone rings. It is by my bed as usual, as I don't trust the electronic clock for my alarm, fearing the electricity may go off. I pick it up sitting in my DC bed and start talking in Turkish to the guy "Alo, buyrun?". When he doesn't respond I switch to English automatically and in the meantime I am wondering "Why am I talking in English in Turkey in my hometown?". Of course the truth is I'm almost jetlagged (not quite), went to bed at 6pm and was dreaming that I was on a picnic with my parents, aunts, cousins and etc. in my Turkey hometown when the phone rang.
The guy on the phone was the delivery person who brought all 5 pieces of our luggage that got lost on the way when we missed our connection flight from NY. On the flight I hurt my neck. It was the result of a painful uncalculated right turn while I was trying to fix my flight-desturbed hair in the tiny plane bathroom. I couldn't turn right or left anymore. Mumu, my husband, called me a robot and made an impression of me. In the meantime my pain reached from the root of my brain to my right shoulder, not funny at all.
So here we were at home at last, back from a very long journey. We were away from work/responsibility/paying bills/laundry/washing dishes, etc. for a month. Coming back everything seems ok and I feel extremely happy. It is an unusual feeling really considering the amount of stress and strain I felt a month ago. Right now everything seems ok and I really do enjoy myself. Even going to work in the morning is ok, since it is sth different from sleeping all day, swimming, sunbathing, chatting and eating as much as possible. I want to preserve this feeling to eternity since I used all my vacation time and more (I'm in minus 80 hours). That's why I am doing yoga in the morning and in the evening (that is, I have done yoga in the morning and in the evening yesterday), I'm paying attention not to get mad at things and I am sincerely believing that I love my work and I love to be back to being useful. It is just a job, a means to earn money after all. I am determined not to make anything make me feel down, not to let my back and neck get so tight that I get migraines and not to not enjoy things going on around me. The sun, the metro ride, the morning tea all seem so new and fresh. I believe that this should be the real me.


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