Brow-brow-brownies :)

After 4 hours of overtime last night, I decide to bake a brownie. Mix the ready-mix with water and oil and an egg, you got yourself a ghirardelli double chocolate brownie. At about 11pm I set the oven's clock to 40 minutes, take out the brownie in 30 and eat it with mumu, half-cooked and warm. It was kind of cool actually, resembled a souffle, sticky and delish.
Then I realize that I am having a burp attack, find out that I can't sleep since I feel like throwing up, wake mumu up and watch 5 episodes of entourage with him. We finally go to bed at 4am, I wake up for work at 7am. I set my alarm clock to 7:30, go back to bed, wake up with the alarm and check my work stuff again. Checking work email and gmail has become an obsession lately. Then I roll over, kick myself to go to work, cover the redness of my eyes with make-up and put a crazy smile on my face and jump out the door. It is fucking freezing outside, it has been about 10 Fahrenheit (-12 Celsius) lately. I decide to listen to music while walking 15 minutes to metro to ease my pain. Cold comes through my dawn coat and freezes my cheeks. I realize I can't operate the ipod's touch-pad with my leather gloves, wonder why and unwillingly take out one of my gloves. I catch the metro and listen to Hayley Westenra for some tranquility and dream of the bubble bath I will be hopefully gladly be taking on the weekend. I get out the metro two stops later (my ride takes 5 minutes only), glad to have warmed up a little bit, I see the shuttle bus that goes every 15 minutes to my office is about to leave, I run and catch it, happiness sweeps over me.
I get to my desk, leave my stuff, find out my client-boss won't be there today. I dream of leaving early to 'work from home'. He shows up half an hour later, saying he was going to be gone but had to come back. I send some emails and don't send some. I check my client-mail, gmail, hotmail, bbcnews, other news, do some work stuff, then head to my lunch at 11am (my usual hour to avoid the crowd), come back talk to my mom and dad, cancel my past-life regression for Saturday, check yoga schedules, decide to go to yoga at 12pm tomorrow while mumu is watching soccer, make myself mint tea, try to work, I can't work, decide to write my blog, struggle deciding in what language to write, then just start it and finish.


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