It is hard to imagine my life without my family and friends. I feel connected to them. I have experienced a part of my life with them and I am still lucky to do with most of them. And yet there are those lost connections. Something is always there but the occasional phone call or email is lost. With some I don't even know where they are in their lives. I'd love to see a lot of my friends from Germany for instance. Did Patrizia finally have a kid? She would make a wonderful mother. I would so want to be there (in Switzerland?) to see her hug her baby! My cousins are becoming adults, getting engaged even having kids. They have become completely different people. Experiencing so many things I didn't get to share with them and I didn't get to listen to their stories. My aunts, uncles, parents are older, I'd love to listen to what they learned from life and maybe tell them about my learning curve. Most of my friends from Istanbul are now experienced professionals, having married, contemplating kids, even going onto their own yoga journey (this one's for you Denizcanim :). I am too far to share and talk about our experiences and I am not there for them when they need a hug and they're not here to reach out a hand to me.

Yet I still feel connected to them. To all the people that have touched my life. Even the people I may have been mean to knowing or unknowingly. I know that when I see them somewhere down the line, I'll give them a squeezing hug! (for the people I haven't been nice to, maybe I'll hug them even tighter :). And tell them how much I miss them and at the same time, I'm always with them, touching their lives as they touched mine.

So the moral of the story is, I carry my connections everywhere with me. I should have had octopus-like hands to reach out to all corners of the world. A personal jet with an endless bank account would also have been nice :). In the absence of these, I am sending love to all of you, you know who you are! And expect a squeeze (like this one) when I see you! :)

(Pilkanim, thanks again for the picture! :)


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