Deepening the sensation

The deepening of the sensation in my body through yoga is small and subtle but I feel it. In how I hold my spine and elongate, in my adjustments, in some strength requiring poses.

It feels natural, almost as if that space or stability has always been there, but I am only now opening my eyes to look at it, discover it, find it.

And it is a new experience every day. I don't find the same feeling in my body twice even if I repeat the same pose a million times.

Maybe I did change, maybe I am closer to, as Iyengar puts it, practicing 'asana with my soul'. Who knows?

Iyengar also says the yogasana postures are a lab for observing life and nature. Nature changes slowly, so do I. Nature has limitations, so do I. Nature is (for the most part) patient, so I am (for the most part :).

It all began with a decision to look deeper and learn more. Where will it take me now?


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