Here we go again!

Yes, I had the classroom dream again. But this time for yoga. My training starts and I show up with my favorite mat. I put it down and run to the restroom (and in the restroom I find out a highschool friend (Kaytanli it is you :), will also do the yoga training with me :). When I come back my mat is gone! I start to look for it then the teacher gets irritated and tells me to sit down. I pick up another mat, the kind that makes you slide really bad, not like the cool Jade mat I have. Then of course the notebook that Rita gifted me is missing also, I start to look for paper and a pen and so on... Yes, I am officially like a school girl starting first grade :)

My month-long intensive yoga training with YogaWorks starts this Monday. I am excited, nervous, happy, jumpy, cool, but not so much, all at the same time! Am I ready? I think I am. I retyped my first classroom assignment yesterday. I have been glancing through my books, trying to read as much as I can. I have been practicing more regularly the past few weeks to prepare for the gruelsome two hours of yoga daily (I hear from previous participants that I'll be pretty sore day after day! But also toned, hehe :) .

I think the most dominant emotion I have right now is 'I can't believe this is happening!'. I waited for this for sooo long and wanted it for a loooong time (since 2006). And now it is my time to shine :)

Yes, only 6 more days to go! Yeiy!!! :))


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