I close my eyes and I see roots coming out of my sit bones with beautiful flowers extending into my spine and opening up right inside me towards my crown, towards my arms, legs, everywhere. Beautiful white flowers. I am not hallucinating, I am meditating.

The funny thing about meditation is that anything can happen (like random flowers opening up) as long as you keep your imagination open :). It is a struggle these days to come to a quiet place. There is too much going on in my mind. Trying to sort out how I'll lead my life, what I should do next, etc. But in all this one constant is my determination. I know that I will be alright, I know that I'll do my best.

This of course is about yoga and my new career in yoga. Blossoms and even flowers is what I am hoping for. So wish me luck for extending my roots to the earth and nourishing myself enough to give out flowers! :)


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