Saying goodbye

I just finished loading the last few files from my company laptop to my home back-up drive. Time to say goodbye. I already sent my thank you emails, received many well-wishes. Tomorrow I am dropping off the few remaining company possessions. As some of you know, BearingPoint didn't survive the bankruptcy protection that it declared a few months ago and decided to sell its business to various buyers. I and my team helped with the transition while knowing our end date. For a few of my colleagues, the journey still continues. For me, tomorrow is my last official day in consulting. I had a good time and now I am ready to move on.

Starting Monday, I'll be immersed in a month-long intensive yoga teacher training. At the end of this training I will receive a 200 hour yoga teacher certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. I wanted to be a yoga teacher for the past 4 years and had planned to get my certification in a few years. As BearingPoint closed its doors, I found myself looking at yoga training opportunities rather than other consulting jobs. And luck had it so that this training has just the right content, the right instructor and is just at the right moment for me.

So wish me luck as I embark on this new journey with tons of excitement, slight terror and lots of hope! :) If you were reading my blog, you have already seen me talk about yoga and my passion for it. I'll continue to write about my experiences, life moments, things I want to share, etc. and most importantly about my yoga journey! And I always appreciate your comments if you have a moment to share your thoughts with me.

Hugsies! :)


Scout798 said…
It was more than a pleasure working with you ... I truly hope that you had discovered the job that is in your heart ... i know that most people out there are still searching for that.

A bittersweet CONGRATULATIONS!!!
alper said…
Damlacım, fırsat bulup İstanbul'a gelirsen görüşelim, her şey bir yana benim hatun da yoga olayına dalmış durumda, tanışmanızı isterim. Sevgiler
Damla said…
Thanks to you both!

Alpercim tabii ki. Yilbasi civari oralarda olabilirim. Bir kahve iceriz basarabilirsek :) Zaten sen de star trekciymissin gorduume gore. Bu muhim konulari konusuruz. (all this assuming you're the aegee alper (who is the only alper on my facebook list), if not never mind! :)

Umut said…
slight terror is good, keeps you on your toes (though I'm not sure it's a yoga position) you'll be a great teacher, 'cos you've always been one.

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