Mrrr :)

I feel like a happy cat who finally found the perfect spot in his/her home to hang out and call it her own and spread and grow whenever it wishes. Yes, I am talking about the yoga teacher training :) It has been two full magical days. I can't believe in the amount of information I received and absorbed even in a short period of time. Sometimes in class, I find myself just hovering above the ground (figuratively speaking :) and happily smiling. Even better is knowing that I am surrounded by souls with similar intentions who are also smiling inwardly.

It feels like I belong. It feels like immersing myself into my favorite cupcake (that would be chocolate with chocolate frosting :). I am in a place where I can learn and grow. And spending hours talking about poses, anatomy, adjustments, teaching, and everything in between feels like a dream come true.

I feel like I am filling up my knowledge and growth well. It feels like I can spread my wings at the end of these 30 days and teach from a knowing place with safety, security and compassion, not by guessing my next actions.

It just feels wonderful!


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