Air is lighter

Air is lighter these days. I feel like I shed 1000 pounds of emotional weight. The past month was AMAZING. I couldn't have imagined how good it will be to be in a room full of like-minded people who all bring in positive energy and creativity to every single day, have the privilige to be trained by an awesome teacher and learn a ton on yoga, life and everything in between.

I feel light, full of energy and full of motivation.

My mat smells like dust and earth (yes there are dust balls in my living room but who cares when I am in an extended savasana :). I close my eyes, feel my worked muscles, take in all the sensations and leave out the unnecessary chatter. I am content, I am good. And the best part is, I know that I can come back here whenever I want :)

Life is good and I like being in a good place :)


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