Adacayi (sage tea)

I just tried my ginger-lemon-sage tea, yumminess and health in a cup! :) I simply cut some ginger and lemon, and added a tiny bit of the sage tea (adacayi :) my mom sent me from Turkey. Boiled all in a large pot and voila! :)

My business cards arrived today. They're perfect :). At the same time it feels kind of weird to see something I imagined come to life. Almost unreal :) It has a similar design to, with blue tones and round fonts, balancing the masculine and the feminine :)

Today was another day with no-shows in my weekday 12pm yoga class at Thrive. It's a brand new studio and they are just getting started, so it's normal that things are slow. But at the same time it does get me down. It's not the time and energy I spend to get there, not even the fact that I lose some of my day, I'm fine with those. It's the feeling that I have this gift to offer and no matter how much I wish, I can't do that if noone shows up! And of course Patanjali says that I should put in all my heart into it and get non-attached to the results. Today was another reminder of my emotional upheavals and the fact that I'm not perfect, I am not always able to let go in a yogic way :)

So I decided to uplift my day with a stop in one of my favorite parks: Roosevelt Island. I walked almost for an hour, discovered a new path I didn't notice before and totally soaked in all the beautiful fall sun :). I even collected a few sun-colored leaves :) In the middle of the path I sat down for a while, meditating and realizing that even though I know that I should let go of my attachments, ego, and negative feelings, and really wish and want to, I'm not always ready to do so. So for today I decided to settle with noticing that, giving myself space to feel whatever it is that I am feeling (sadness, fear, and a surprising calm that sneaks in in-between). I leave it to another day to let go of whatever it is that needs to go :)

Then I blasted the new mp3 I got last night in the car: The Essence by Deva Premal. Even though it's repetitive (since it's Kirtan, hello!), I still like it. I especially LOVE the first and last track: Gayatri Mantra. Reminds me of you Chrissy and the times we chanted this in class! :)

Then I got home and looked around in our fridge, too many veggies about to go rotten and no dishes to eat. So I whipped up a veggie stew with cauliflowers, green peppers, jalapenos, onions, garlic, tomatoes, chickpeas and of course lots of curry :). Second dish: a make-believe Turkish Tabouleh with whole-grain cous-cous instead of bulgur. When you add lemon to the cous-cous cooked with onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, it does give a very similar taste to the classical bulgur one :)

So now, I'm kind of tired from all the cooking, driving, walking, and emotional ups and downs. Time to settle down to read my book with the scent of sage in my hands :)


Surprise! said…
mmm i have never tried that combo with sage tea. usually my favorite combo is ginger, lemon, honey and sometimes I use green tea.

It is really hard not to get down when no one comes to class, but it sounds like (between this blog and the newer one) you are taking it in stride.

this is sort of obvious advice, but getting people to turn out to classes is a marketing issue. you really must tell people that you are having classes and tell them over and over.

You obviously have a very assertive personality, which has lead to you securing a bunch of yoga classes already. now you need to turn that marketing/ promotions mindset to your classes. people will come, developing a following just takes time.

you are an awesome teacher, it will come.

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