It's 6am, I am standing outside the yoga studio I'm supposed to teach in, not being able to open the door. I try to force it open a couple times, no chance. My class starts in 30 minutes. A small cat comes out of nowhere, purring and going around my ankles. I find it hard not to smile, even in this shitty situation. I'm grateful to this lost soul for comforting me when I needed it most.

Then I turn my head and notice the fire station across the street, I rush to knock on their door. Two firemen stand with me outside the door for 45 minutes, trying any way they can think of to open the door. They don't succeed, but I'm extremely grateful for their efforts and for not leaving me there alone!

I explain the situation to the people who had gathered outside, something seems to have stuck in the lock and/or something is wrong with my key. They don't get angry, they smile and walk to their day. I'm grateful for their understanding!

I sit down in a cafe to calm down and wait for my next class. I have like 60 different bags around me (ok only 4 but big ones :). Of course I gotta go, I ask the woman sitting next to me to watch my stuff. She smiles and says yes. I thank her when I'm back, then shortly after she leaves. I realize that she took two minutes out of her day to wait for me. I smile and thank her silently.

Nicole the owner of the studio calls me. I explain the situation, she tells me not to worry about it. I thank her for being her usually cool self! :)

My friend Rita arrives to help me teach the next class. She's all smiles and listens to my morning story. I'm so grateful to have someone to talk to and have a helping hand for the class! I calm down a little more after letting it out.

We're teaching at the National Breast Cancer Coalition. It's a free class for the employees. We arrive and the lady at the front desk takes our names down and gives us both a hug! A real smiling hug! :) We both instantly have smiles on our faces. What a lovely way to greet people! :)

In the office, the conference room is already ready! Chairs are removed, tables pushed aside. I thank the organizing person since we don't have to worry about anything else! We start the class right away! Everything goes perfect and everyone's smiling after class, the biggest gift of all :)

Then I have a lovely lunch and tea with my dear friend Rita. Catching up on life and yoga. I'm sooo grateful for this lovely-warm afternoon, noon and even morning, for bringing me such wonderful acts of kindness :)

So I wish that kindness, gratitude and happiness find you in your life today, even when you least expect them! :))

Damla :)

P.S. Check out the true story on page 22 of November 09's Yoga Journal. Quoting it as my inspiration :)


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