New Language

2am, I wake up to tend to the crying baby that is my body. My back, my belly hurt, it's the monthly pain. I've had it for too long to know how it comes, where it stays. Only lately though I have been able to speak its language, through yoga and breath.

I immediately get to a Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose), I know that my body likes it. And I stop, one hand in my heart and one in my belly, just listening to my breath. I hear the deeper meaning of my body's moanings. It's my digestive system working alongside my dissolving eggs, and both of them are too much for my body to handle, so it cries. Like a baby for whom suddenly, all the stimuli and interesting playful things in the world are way too much to handle! Viparita Karani or inverted lake pose, eases the muscles around my belly, torso and lower back, leaving only the distant cries of my digestion. I know what to do. A gentle twist to the right (for activating the ascending colon), and then to the left (for the descending colon). Only a gentle push to help everything work out. Hug my knees and rock softly side to side to ease the back muscles even more. Followed by a trip to the bathroom, then back to VK, then again, then again, until the pain dissolves.

Then I sit down to write, small hints of pain is still there. I start moving my lower back, back and forth, like cradling a child, very gently and with love. And it works, pain dissolves. I realize that sometimes all we need is a little listening to, like a crying baby in the middle of the night, our bodies speak to us always, always, always,... Then all it takes to let the crying go is a gentle cradling.



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