Two and a half hours of bliss :)

I was looking for inspiration and inspiration I did find, yesterday in Shiva Rea's beautiful Shakti Flow, dancing and flowing with a group of 150 people, covered in sweat but none of us could have been happier! :) The yoga we did resembled nothing I would call classical, but everything, each move, from start to finish was sooo graceful, so purposeful and so creative, I thought I died and went to heaven :) First time after the teacher training, I felt like I lost myself completely in the beauty and the flow of yoga. So thank you Shiva and thank you everyone who organized this wonderful gathering and thank you to everyone who gathered! :)

It took me a while to sleep after I got home, I was still feeling the energy from the flow. Then we woke up at 5am today, I dropped mumu and Toros off at the airport to San Diego. In the car, I prepared them nutella-whole wheat mini bagel sandwiches and somehow (I think it was the nutella taste :) we started talking about our childhood songs and tongue twisters, touching on classics like 'cek dostum cek amanin dostum elini elimin ustunden cek!' aaand 'muujde mujdee sizeee, parizyenden mujdee size, zarif saglam esnek coraaap, rahat coraaap muuujdeee!' :). Also if anyone knows how this one started or how it ends, give me a call! '...aaablama gittim, ablam pilav pisirmis, icine sican dusurmus, bu sicani naaapmali, minareden aaatmali!..' I can't for the life of me remember the rest :)

Another lesson from yesterday: don't mix a multi-vitamin with hot tea on an empty stomach! (Cayi icer icmez, vitaminli cay olarak disari cikti, kusmuum sandoz rengi ve kokusundaydi :))

Damla out (to sleep)!


Damla said…
Google saolsun, basini buldum ama hala sonu lazim :)

Usudum, usudum, daldan elma dusurdum
Elmami yediler, bana cuce dediler
Cucelikten ciktim, ablama gittim,...
umut said…
did you talk about the huge air bubbles inside chokokrem tubes? :)
Damla said…
Next time kardis :) I'll add it to the list!

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