My evening

Another day, another moment to cherish. I'm having tea with my hubby. We got into the routine of making our own pot of tea (even if we use tea bags), taking the kettle downstairs with us, then using the Turkish tea glasses to drink it. I feel like we are becoming our parents quickly :) This time though the tea is extra special, we mixed the pieces of dried apples that my mom prepared, with the aroma tea my dear friend Cenap brought us from Italy (Cenap, in case you're wondering why we still have it: the tea is soo good that we're still drinking it bit by bit only :), plus added a few lemon wedges, result=yumminess! :)

On top of it we're using the tea plates gifted to us from another dear friend, Arzu. I absolutely LOVE these plates (as you can see why :). They even make the cats look fat, cute and cuddly through the tea glass, what more could I want from a plate? :))

I had a good day, took a yoga class, was going to do a double-class but didn't feel like it, then ran some errands, got some new year's gifts from Home Goods, came home, did some laundry, put mumu's salmon into the oven, hugged mumu when he arrived, then came around to my favorite spot on our couch, to write my bloggies :)

It was really a simple day with simple pleasures. Coming home, being comforted by mumu on my usual worries (why is the laptop malfunctioning?&^%$) and finding calm in my home's loveliness :) I also sent a few more feeler emails to a close-by yoga studio and gym. I'll meet the studio owner next week and waiting to hear from the gym. Really, the usual stuff.

The one big highlight of the day: my rocking Iphone! Loving and loving it more :) Proved sooo useful today (my second day of use), saved me some time to find the Home Goods address, helped me get back to the studio owner in time and entertained me with no end (I sh'zammed a song on 99.5, with an app called 'shazam', you hold the iphone to the radio or whereever, it listens to the song then tells you what it is with links to buy it on itunes or see the clip on you tube! OK most of you may be familiar with this stuff but it is new to me and I'm enjoying it :)

Now will fold the laundry and go to sleepiness mode :)

Peace out!
Damla :)


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