My super-fantastic day!

Here is my day today:

I woke up oh-so-difficultly (is that a word? guess it is now :). I have this scattered energy these days, it's hard to focus on one thing. Today was another 'what's going on with me today I wonder?' sentiment as I stood up from bed. It's also hard to tell days apart, since my work days are now Monday-Wednesday-Sunday and any other day in-between that I randomly get a yoga gig. So it took me a while to remember what was going on. I instantly remembered what I did yesterday, which was 3 hours of yoga (teaching 1 and taking 2 classes in a row), my achy muscles remember things perfectly :) Then I remembered the perfect moment, in my last yoga class around 8pm as the teacher told us to hone into our senses, I started to smell food and then I remembered the half-a-sandwich from lunch that was waiting for me in the car! :) And it wasn't even a good sandwich, it was tuna with feta and a bunch of sad salad pieces, but I couldn't have been happier as I shoved them down my throat while my GPS found the way back home in my parked car :). So where was I? Yes, I remembered that moment as I pushed myself out of bed :))

Then, I showered and dressed and put on my $2 fancy earrings. Really guys, you should check out Old Navy's new jewelry collection. For a cheap earring, they really look fancy. Then I juiced 3 apples, way too much liquid comes out of these things, I had to drink two full glasses. But for me it's perfect since I can't bite into an apple (the scratchy biting noise is like scratching wood with nails for me) and I can't eat something big before teaching a class. Drank that down, talked to one of my aunts on the phone, listened to her complain about her increased headaches and felt helpless to help her with the distance, got into the car, drove to my first yoga gig, dedicated the class to my achy aunt, taught my class to three lovely ladies (who left smiling, I love it when that happens :), talked to mumu on the phone, placed my tush to my fave nearby cafe and ordered my fave portobello mushroom panini and jasmine green tea and started checking emails, writing, etc. as I wait for my next yoga teaching gig at 8pm (which reminds me to post it to facebook! Important stuff!), and the lovely movie-treat I'm giving myself, I'll go to Coco Before Chanel the movie in an hour :))

Huh, time to catch my breath :) So the last few days have been like this, running around, making lists, getting stuff, handling stuff, teaching, writing, checking email, checking facebook, adoring my iphone, checking more stuff off of my list, and also driving myself slowly crazy with the pace and the feeling that I am forgetting to do something! :)

I do need a few yogic breaths now :) Inhaaaaaale! Exhaaaale, haaaaaaaaaaaaa! (that was the sigh in my exhale :).

So my days are passing in ultra-high speed, without me realizing how. And I'm happy, happy to be, happy to practice yoga and happy with everything and everyone in my life. But I'm also in need of something to give me a new perspective, you know? Just something new and inspiring, an article or some kind of art, something to bring tears to my eyes, shake me up and put my freaked-out soul back firmly into my body. I have felt like this before and usually the universe is generous enough to get me the inspiration as soon as I put the intention out there. If you want to help and you know of something like this (no medication or pills please :) let me know! Leave me a comment, write me a note, call me, etc. You know how to reach me :)

I can hear some of you (Etel for instance :) telling me that it's the 'Vata' or the windy, scattered energy of the fall that is driving me crazy. That's probably part of it. I feel like with yoga and my new 'beingness' some things are shifting in me, dust is rising up, my energy channels are shocked with the constant yogic shifting and sifting. So I feel like my body and soul are trying to make sense of all this change. And I probably need to do some listening and meditation, which seems all the more harder with my energy being scattered, oh well :) Isn't this always the case? We never feel like doing what's best for us, take yesterday for instance. I got myself the healthy looking tuna sandwich alongside a wonderful chocolate-strawberry-vanilla cream cupcake. When it came to eating the other half of the (not-so) great tasting sandwich, I took one look at the cupcake, then one back to the sandwich and decided to go with the cupcake :) In retrospect though, yes if I had the cupcake waiting for me coming out of the yoga class it would have been double the happiness but I would probably not have eaten that sad half sandwich if I wasn't so terribly hungry :)

Yes, I know, I do need something new to occupy my mind and soul guys, I'm working on it, but for now, you'll have to make do with my sandwich analyzations and crazy-day descriptions, muha-ha-haaaaaa! :))) After-all my day isn't going that bad. Sun is shining beautifully outside, and I'm feeling somewhat lighter as I mostly feel after writing. So thanks for listening and hope you have a super-fantastic day too!

Damla :)


Laura said…
It's your first months/ year of teaching! It'll do this to you. It will all settle down after one year. Everything is being stirred up and moved around. And that, as we know, is scattering and distracting and painful. But oh so important. My advice is just to ride it. The wind always dies down and you always find your feet back on solid ground eventually. Even if they land in a different place from where they took off. Love xxx
Damla said…
My dearest, you always know exactly what to say! Luv ya! :) Damla
Laura said…
Love :) XXXX

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