Girl Scouts :)

I had my yoga career's hardest and the awesomest class today. Imagine a room full of 10 year olds (18 of them!) and their moms and teachers and (luckily!) my friend Jen to help me out. All of the girls screaming, talking, laughing, giggling at the same time. And me teaching them yoga and how to be stress free :).

We first started sitting in a circle and before I even barely said anything, one of the girls asked if I was Polish :) It was so wonderful, there is no filter at all! That was the first thing that came to her mind and she asked it out loud :) I told her that I was Turkish but I lived in the US for many years and said that that was an excellent question. Then I asked them their favorite foods: ribs and chocolate were in a tie :) We started to talk about what made them feel stressful, amazingly insightful answers like 'too much homework', 'exams' and 'my siblings' :)) One of them said that she feels stressful since time passes so quickly and without even time to think about it she has gotten older. Another one said her mom saying one thing then changing it to another the next day makes her stressful. All so valid and so wonderful responses! I gave them a breathing exercise and told them to come back to their breath whenever they felt stressful.

We then went through a beautiful practice that didn't look much like a regular yoga class but was a ton of fun :) We started by jumping (thank you Jen sooo much for making me keep that in! :), we danced a little bit, we did balance poses, some paired exercises, etc, etc. Overall it was the best class I ever taught! Not because of what I taught but because of the wonderful energy and light that the little ladies brought in :))

Thank you universe! Thanks a lot Kim! Thank you Jen! Thank you moms, dads and organizers who brought the girls to class! And thank you my dear lovely girl scouts! :))
:) Damla


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