3 recipes in 1 :)

So here are a few dish ideas for dinner. I have cooked the salmon dish and the soup countless times. Why write them now? I guess cooking is the one constant thing that makes me feel creative and there is a guilty pleasure in recording my accomplishments for the day :) And I heard from a few of you that you tried and enjoyed some of my dishes. So I feel good that I transfer some of my hard-earned kitchen savviness :))

I did other creative stuff too today, I prepared my Little Mermaid class, right before waking up, that's the best time for prepping classes, I'm neither awake nor sleeping, there is a beautiful haze over me in the mornings that I'd like to live in as long as possible :) Anyhow, here goes the recipes :)

Mushroom soup
2 cups of cut mushrooms
2 table spoons of olive oil
1 table spoon of white flour (whole wheat is also ok)
1.5 litres of 1% milk
some salt, lots of black pepper

Cook the white flour in olive oil for a few minutes while mixing with a spoon. Then pour the mushrooms and a little salt. Once the mushrooms are soft add the milk and seasonings, and mix occasionally until all is cooked and soup gets thicker. Then (if you have one) use your hand blender (something like this
) to mix everything within the pot and enjoy a yummy soup! :)

Salmon with honey mustard (from Rita's friend :)
I learned this recipe from my friend Rita who learned it from another friend (sorry can't remember who :) This one is the quickest and most delish Salmon recipe ever. Make it once, you'll end up making it again and again!

Salmon for however many people you'd like
salt, black pepper
Jack Daniel's Honey Dijon Mustard (if you don't have this, buy another honey mustard or mix some honey to the Dijon mustard you have at home)

Lay the salmon onto a pyrex with the skin side down if it has skin. Season with salt and pepper. Cover it with 1 spoon per 1 salmon serving of Honey Dijon Mustard (Jack Daniels brand really is the best one for this recipe!). Spread the mustard onto the surface of the salmon so it keeps nice and moist and absorbs the yummy flavor :). Place the pyrex to 350 degree heated oven. Your salmon should be yummily ready in 30-40 minutes (sorry salmon, we love you and thanks for the delish nutrition!). Enjoy! :)

My Style Mashed Potatoes :)
This is my interpretation of mumu's grandmother's magical mashed potatoes :) I'm adding kale for vitamins and leaving the potato skins on for fiber. I also added some garlic to it, who would we be without garlic? :)

6 golden potatoes
6 cloves of garlic
6 leaves of kale
2-3 table spoons of fresh dill
6 green onions
salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon

Wash the potatoes really well. Cut out any parts that seem funky. Then cut into pieces leaving the skin on. Wash kale and cut it in big chunks. Cut garlic in small pieces. Add all into a water filled pot. After all is cooked, drain and mash. Add olive oil, lemon juice, green onions, seasoning and dill.

Enjoy! :)


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