A lot

A lot is happening in my life. Something in me is shifting, opening, it's like a sigh of relief. I find myself crying for no apparent reason, simply crying because life is so beautiful. Or looking at the sky while driving and seeing how wonderful everything is and how all things flow. The feeling of flow especially, is coming back to me at times. It comes when I am not looking for it. When I drive for instance, suddenly it feels like everything is as it should be, I am where I should be, flowing with the existing wave of life.

I enjoy my teaching more as I realize that I am not really teaching. I am simply enabling people to see their inner beauty. All comes to perspective. I don't have to be didactic, I just need to let them be, let them smile and be comfortable in their bodies.

My body is slimming down, toning up without any visible effort on my part (other than the daily yoga and teaching). I am finding myself more comfortable in poses, but more importantly more comfortable with where I am and who I am. I don't force poses any more, I let them be. And whenever I can, I close my eyes, focus inward and let poses flow, allow them to come out from my knowing body and soul.

I listen to my inner voice more, even asking it questions through-out the day. Sometimes I get conflicting responses, oh well :) Life changes every minute, so does my responses I say. I know that my consciousness sneaks in sometimes, posing as my inner voice. But all the same, I am learning to tune in.

I am enjoying spending time with my friends more and more. I cannot believe how lucky I am! To be surrounded by interesting, accomplished, good people who care about me and mumu! How blessed is my life! Not only that, I allow and remind myself to be present in my conversations with people, friends, students, cashiers alike, learning about their perspective, not always speaking about myself and looking at their eyes. I smile every time, there's such light in every one. It's amazing! :)

Life unfolds itself. I have a lot of doubts, fears, worries. But life unfolds itself, like now, I look out the window and it's snowing. Beautiful, white and gentle flurries covering the ground. A joy rises within me, joy to live, a wish to experience life, and a will to be a part of it. Everything else fades away...


sedef said…
lovely :)

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