Mushroom Scallion Rice

This is one of my favorite mushroom/rice dishes that I love making over and over.
It's super easy:

7-8 medium size white mushrooms
5-6 scallions (or green onions as we call them in Turkish :)
any type of white rice you'd like, I like using Jasmine rice for its flavor. 2 or 3 cups
boiled water, double the amount of rice
salt, black pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil (you really don't need any more than that for any veggie dish!)

In the pot, cook the mushrooms and scallions until soft with olive oil. Add rice, then immediately add water, salt, pepper. Cook in low heat. And send love to me when eating :)



ayse said…
tarifi denedim, süper oldu :) cok kolay ve bir o kadar da lezzetli.

tesekkürler ve sevgiler!

Harika! Paylastigin icin cok tesekkurler ayse! :)
Anonymous said…
Damlacım bu kase bana tanıdık geldi ;)
Arzu D.

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