Austin and other things

This thing called life. I just finished a sweet and lovely yoga practice. New thoughts, new moves, new beginnings. New people, new places.

Came back from Austin, TX. Here's what I got from it: lovely fresh juice. In the middle of the city, we found this weird looking juice place, all organic, all fresh. Couldn't be better!

Lovely hand-made beads. Not sure what they'll turn into, but don't be surprised if you see them hanging from my neck :)
Lovely music. We caught some blues one night.

Lovely sights and lots and lots of stars! Texas is truly the capitol of stars :) You can see the state symbol everywhere.

Great food, tachos, nachos, fish, frozen bananas, orange cheesecakes and more. I just attempted duplicating one of my favorites: spaghetti fungi that I ate the night before. So imagine lots of mushrooms, onion, tomato sauce, cilantro to garnish and TONs of garlic. Yes, it tastes almost as good at home :)

And most importantly, lovely walks and chats with friends. It was great to see many DC friends and catch up.

I am happy as a puppy for living :)


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