Zeytinyagli Dolma (Stuffed Green Peppers)

One of my favorite Turkish recipes :)

2 cups of brown rice
1 can of tomato sauce
1 onion
salt, black pepper, red pepper, dried mint
1.5 cups of boiled water
2 table spoons of olive oil
8 smallish green peppers (or 5-6 large ones)
1 tomato cut to small pieces to garnish

Cook everything except the green peppers and tomatoes in a pot. The rice will not cook 100%, it will still have a bite to it since it'll continue cooking in the pepper.

Cut circles around the tops of the peppers, removing any seeds and the top stem.
Fill them with the stuffing and finish with a piece of tomato. Place them the cut side up in a pot. It would be better if you can place them side by side (not on top of each other).
Pour about 2 cups of warm water in the stuffing pot clearing the goodness of the rice, then pour this water onto the pepper pot, making sure some of it goes over the peppers.
Cook about 30-40 minutes in low heat. You can eat it warm or cold, also goes great with plain yogurt.

:) Damla


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