Pogca - Turkish Pastry

I posted a similar recipe a while ago. But this time I added yeast instead of baking powder and used my bread machine to prep the dough. This batch makes 12-15.

First you need:
2 eggs
1 table spoon of salt
1 table spoon of yeast
3 table spoons of plain whole milk yogurt (European Style from Trader Joe's if you have it)
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup water

Fill all these in a measure cup up to 2 cups and add to your bread machine (I have a Black and Decker one but any will do). Add 4 cups of flour, let your machine mix and knead thoroughly turning it on and off a few times. Once mixed take it out of the machine. The dough will be a bit sticky which is what you want. 

For filling:
150 g feta cheese
1 cup chopped parsley

Put a little flour on a wooden board so your dough doesn't stick (see picture below). Take a small dough piece and press it down making a circle. Just a little filling, then fold it in half, seal by pressing the edges down with your fingers. 

Yolks of two eggs, brush on top, sprinkle sesame seeds. 45 minutes in 350K oven. 

:) Damla


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